Chesterfield Recreational


Dance Classes

Mondays Oct 16-Dec 4 at New Hingham
3:30-4:15   ages 4 - grade 2
4:30-5:50  grades 3-5

Cost:   $35/child  $45/2  $50/3 or more

A supervised homework time will be available to the older group who need to stay and wait for their class.

Pre-Ballet: ages 4-Gr. 2

This class is a wonderful introduction to the world of ballet, taught in a fun and structured way.  The student will learn basic ballet steps through dance games,  warm ups, stretches, center jumps, and across floor movement.  Perfect for those just starting out in ballet.

Hip-Hop:  Gr. 3-6

In this high energy class, the students will learn the basic moves and footwork of break dancing, along with current hip-hop and funk styles of dance.  The class includes a warm-up, movement across the floor and end in a funky combination.

Instructor: Martha Lively

Questions: Contact Megan Willard  296-0104

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