Come see a game at Russell Park

Chesterfield Baseball has been an integral part of the Chesterfield Recreational Department.  We are part of the Mohawk Cal Ripken League.


From T-Ball to Majors  we have been supplying area youths with a sense of self worth, team work and most importantly self discipline.


We strive to provide a well rounded Baseball program allowing our youths to progress through the stages associated with youth ball. We are open to ages 5-12. 

Mohawk Baseball also offers both Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle level play to those interested.

Questions: Contact Megan Willard  413-296-0104



 Every year each team sends a selection of its all star players and sends them to an All Star game traditionally comprised of 4 players from each team to form two teams that play head to head.  Makes for a great ball game!

 Youth Sports

Registration fees:

$35 for one child

$45 for two

$50 for 3 or more

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